Sunday, June 25, 2006
Cry Baby!
Yesterday, after work we went to Makati to buy wedding gift for Janice & Randy. Then, we watched The LakeHouse. At last, we're able to watch it na. Rain though that the movie was about action or something. When I said it's a love story, sleep nalang daw siya (pang-asar nya!=p) But when the movie starts, medyo napaisip siya and parang ang gulo daw! =p But middle of the movie, he was enjoying it na rin. I was eyeing this one before pa. But we just don't have time! It is an American remake of the Korean film Il Mare. Though I'm not quite a fan of korean movies, it seems they're quite good and always focuses on love stories were we filipinos loved. I was teary eyed at the end of the story (mababaw talaga ang luha ko! =p). It's really beautiful and I recommend this movie to those hopeless romantics out there!

The movie is about a lonely Dr. Kate Forster (Sandra Bullock) who, on a winter morning in 2006, reluctantly leaves the beautiful lake house that she has been living in for a job in a Chicago hospital.

On her way to Chicago, she leaves a note for the lake house's new tenant asking him to kindly forward her mail and telling him about the paw prints by the front door and the box in the attic.However, Alex Wyler (Keanu Reeves), the new tenant, sees a different lake house, one which was neglected, dirty, and there were certainly no paw prints. He disregards Kate's letter until a few days later; he is painting the jetty and a stray dog runs across the fresh paint leaving paw prints where Kate said they would be. He writes back to Kate, only to discover that they are separated in time by two years, with Alex living in 2004 and Kate living in 2006.As Kate and Alex continue to correspond through the mailbox, they find themselves falling in love.

Determined to bridge the distance between them at last and unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary connection, they tempt fate by arranging to meet.

I love the soundtrack. Especially the song by Pul McCartney - This Never Happened Before, When Sandra & Keannu had their first dance. And I was able to download the mp3 just this morning =p Pathetic!

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