Sunday, June 18, 2006
Measurement with Veluz
Yesterday, I had my measurement taking with Veluz! It was really tiring the whole day because we have to drive all the way from QC to Quirino, Manila. After my shift, I have to go first with my ortho for the adjustments. We arrived there around 9am (masyadong early!). My schedule was 10am pa. But we decided to arrived there early to avoid traffic. We left QC around 1am na. I'm also with my sister. Kaya medyo tumagal kami. My schedule with Veluz was around 11am. Then, I changed to 1am. And with the traffic and all, we arrived at Veluz place around 2pm. Sobrang hiya ako! hehe =p
Then Veluz, got out of the room while we're waiting at the receiving area, she just said "Ready na?". Natawa lang si Rain. Then, when we're taking the measurement specifically the bust area, "highschool?". I have 32 1/2 bust measurement. Wag na daw ako magpapayat. Tama na daw un. E I was on diet pa naman. I'm minimizing my food intake. Feeling ko kinunchaba ni Rain si Veluz na pagalitan ako with my diet. And my sister was even saying mukha na akong bungo! wwwaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Hindi naman e. OA naman! But in fairness, Veluz said na it's very normal to loose weight kahit na hindi ka pa diet. It's with the stress daw. So, parang kumampi lang ng slight hehehe =p
Then, when we're dicussing the gown. We're torn between A & C kase e. So, what we did is we just combined the two design. However, I'm still undecided about the train. I want kase parang separate yung design instead of only one in the middle (ang hirap i-explain!). But Veluz thinks na that would look nice nga. And she brought out the sample train with separate design for the train. Basta un na un! She said, baka hindi na daw ako makatulog pag nakita ko. Then, when she rolled out the train. Grabe, I really fell in love with it. Rain and my sister were shocked with it. It's was sooooooo beautiful. Sad to say, hindi ko man lang nakuhanan =(.
After discussing my gown. We also inquire about Rain's suit. She'll just give us swatches on my first fitting. Medyo undecided kase si Rain about it. Ayaw kse ni Rain to spend so much on his suit. Sa akin na daw napunta hehehe =p. However, Veluz explained to him na we should also give importance or emphasis sa suit nya. Kaka-konsiyensiya naman daw kung parang pang-groomsmen lang daw hehe!=p We should use wool for the suit daw. We left around 3pm na. And still we haven't ate our lunch. We went to G4 to celebrate our 38th monthsary over lunch! It was so tiring yet we had fun.
We'll, can't wait for my first fitting on July 7. Kahit na katcha lang. I can't wait pa din!

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