Monday, June 12, 2006
Two in a row!
Last night, Saturday. We spent our quality time sa mall. Yup.. no other than Glorietta of course. Our plan was to have dinner and watch a movie. But with SALE!? Hala... I got carried away na naman. We went through all my favorite stores like Mango, CMG and Kamiseta. Rain was telling me, "hindi ka talaga aalis ng walang nabibili?hehe". Siyempre deadma lang. After that, nagyaya na ako magdinner and then watch the movie The Omen. Rain was kinda hesitant about the movie because he had no idea what the movie is all about. Duh?! Hindi nya pa napapanood ung dati? E re-make nalang to. hehehe! =p Actually, he's not fond of watching suspense, horror or thriller films. In short takot siya! I remember, the 1st horror movie we watched together was Feng Shui. He was very scared. Of course, di nya pinapakita sken. "Kung may sket daw siya sa puso, inatake na daw siya". But siyempre, gusto ko kaya wala na siya nagawa!=p Again with this movie, it's not that scary as compared to the Omen movies I've watched before but scary enough though.
"The Omen" begins in the Vatican Observatory, where the heavens are seen to fulfill prophecy by placing a star above Rome on the night of Damien's birth, just as there was a star above Bethlehem when Jesus was born. That the Antichrist gets his own star makes you wonder who's running the heavens, but never mind.
After the movie, we just went straight home. He was kinda tired na because umaga palang gising na siya because he fetched me after my friday shift (sat morning na un!). However, ako naman ang hindi antok nun. I sleep around 8:30am. and woke up around 4pm. In short, he's just there at our house. Basta binantayan lang niya ako matulog. How sweet noh?! =p I spent the whole time in front of my pc. Downloading mp3 files, updating my blog, bloghopping, check email and chatting with my officemates. Yes! I was supposed to come to work that day after our date, kaya lang not sure kase kung what time matatapos and Rain doesn't want me to take one na rin. However, parang pumasok na rin ako because we spent the whole morning chatting. Parang wala silang trabaho noh?! And even our supervisor joined our conference chat. We're joking kung invite namin siya. Baka kase magalit. Ako pasimuno hehehe! =p But I was chatting with her privately, hindi lang niya alam na the rest of the team ka-chat ko! Pero hindi pa rin napigilan, she joined our conference! Lahat tumahimik! hahaha =p Lahat sila sa office while me at home. Sana nga magkaroon kami ng grand EB! =P *lol*
Sunday! Rain & I were supposed to go to megamall for the bridal fair and Loyola Memorial in Marikina for his father's bday. Sad to say ... waaaaaaaahhhh! Nagising na ako 430pm. And nandito na sa house si Rain. I alarmed my celphone around 11am. Hindi ako nagising. Sobrang nahiya ako! I'm supposed to fetch him after lunch! Instead ako ang pinuntahan! Hiya talaga ako! =( Buti nalang hindi naman siya nagalit. Karen, my sister prepared tacos for merienda. It was Rain's favorite kase. We had dinner na rin at our house. After dinner, I organized mobile phonebook. Rain gave me her K700i. He bought K750i kase. From his T610 na pinamana nya na din sken. Wala akong hilig magchange ng phone. Ung gusto ko kase mahal. Hehehe! =) Then, nagyaya ako to watch a movie. Parang kagabi lang diba? Palibhasa hindi ako antok hehehe! We checked the last full show through the net at Glorietta. Then decided to watch Take The Lead with my sister.
The movie was great! Funny and the three of us enjoyed it. Though its already the typical teenage highschool story getting a chance to change their life and proving to themselves that they can be somebody!
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