Sunday, June 04, 2006
Zandra Lim
Just this afternoon... Rain, I and Belle (one of my secondary sponsors) went to Zandra Lim's shop at E. Rodriguez. Grabe, naligaw kami! :D Medyo shunga-shunga talaga ako sa lugar! Rain allow me to drive kase sabi ko alam ko ung lugar. When I called up Zandra's office and confirming our appointment, I asked for the landmark, san ba malapit. I'm from Vito Cruz, so the best route is Quirino - Nagtahan - Espana- Welcome Rotonda! So, nagmarunong ako, in short! We went all the way to Roosevelt. Malayo na pala un. We're suppose to turn right at UDMC, papuntang St. Lukes! Grabe... what we did pa, when we reach Roosevelt, we take a U-turn going back to Welcome Rotonda and Espana! The sad part is, walang U-turn slot along Espana! So, we had to pass thru UST pa. Hay with all the traffic and hot weather!
She was very nice! Medyo tahimik. Buti nalang at medyo maingay at makulit si Belle (Thanks Te!). When I started showing her the designs I want from the magazines I brought, she start sketching! I got to know her through Nice (a friend, officemate & w@wie).
She will be using dope dyed chiffon (color: aqua) & cationic satin (color:blue). And to match up with my motif (blue & silver), she'll use the beadworks (color: silver) as accent.

Here are the sketches:

(Maid of Honor)
She made two sketches. But I prefer the 1st one!

(Secondary Sponsors)
She made 3 sketches based on the body size of my SS. I really like it.
(from left to right: For Mean, Belle & Emma)


She made 3 sketches out of the designs I gave her. But I like the 1st one!

Flower Girls

So far, I like her na! I still have to email my entourage for the designs for approval. As for the price, it's quite expensive (sa budget namin!). But since, my entourage will be shouldering their dress, ok na din. When I check out some of her finished gowns... Ganda! =)

However, this coming tuesday, I still have an appointment with Joel Bautista. From then, we'll decide who should we get! =P

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  • At 8:08 AM, Blogger Nette

    wow ang ganda ng mga sketch... inggit ako, buti ka pa yong entou mo ang magsho-shoulder ng dress nila. oh well! tapos na ako, asa pa ako...hehe!
    well good luck with the designer and happy preps!

  • At 11:50 AM, Blogger Enrique-Vanessa

    hey! we almost have the same designs! :D my ento will have those sashes too kasi I also have a sash. Anyway, very nice yung sketches, and good choices also among the different options. :D

  • At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Peter Sicily

    That pair is so perfectly made.They are so alike and beautiful.Like it a lot!