Monday, May 29, 2006
Last night, we went to Rockwell, Powerplant just to unwind. We had bowling for 2 hours. Well, talo silang dalawa (Rain & Mama) sa akin.hehehe =P Addict ako sa bowling before. My former officemates (Pol, Rom & Mhon) were my bowling buddies. Sobrang addict to the point na almost everyday, nagbo-bowling kami. Kaka-miss pala! This was Mama's first time to bowl. We had fun! Dapat pustahan kaya lang we decided not to... malulugi si Mama! However, siya pa din nagbayad hahaha! =)

(ok sa porma si Mama & Rain noh? =p)

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  • At 1:09 AM, Blogger flowerdrumsong

    Hey sis! :)

    Thanks for leaving a message in my blog. I have not figured out all the nice stuff that goes with blogging but it's nice to hear from you! :)

    Uyyyy...bowler ka pala ha! :) Are you following the footsteps of Bong Coo? She's very good and so was his son - who was my classmate in UST before! :P

    Take care!