Monday, May 29, 2006
Your Stress Level is: 26%

You are slightly prone to stress, but generally you keep it under control.
You know how to relax and take things as they come, even when your worlds seems to be falling apart.
Occasionally, you do let yourself get stressed out, but you snap out of it pretty quickly.
How Stressed Are You?

--> Prone to stress ~ Hmm... that I agree! I'm working graveyard shift! :(

--> Know how to relax ~ Every weekend lang! Usually, sleep lang!

--> Let myself stressed out ~ Medyo nga! Nagiging OC bride na nga yata ako. Lalo na sa wedding preps. However, enjoying every details of it!

With all the wedding preps & work?! Whew... 6 months to go! Bridezilla syndrome? Wag naman! hehehe! =p

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