Sunday, June 11, 2006
Rain had his new job. He'll start by June 12, Monday. It's somewhere in Makati and on a graveyard shift of course. We've been together with the same company like SVI. Unfornately, the company have to trim down its employees, so Rain got his retrenchment. And SVI Connect, were I was connected was bought out by Winsource Solutions (another call center). So, definitely Rain and some of his colleagues weren't included because they're part of SVI Technologies supporting SVI Connect. Good thing, they received all the benefits what is due to them (if I had a choice, siguro papa-retrench nalang ako!). But considering all the expenses for our wedding, my loans and bills to pay, siyempre pareho kami ayaw mawalan ng trabaho. Good thing, 'coz Winsource gave all employees better salary and additional benefits as well as the tenure. So, pede na rin!
With these changes happening to us - different company. Rain & I have to change the date for our honeymoon, from Dec 18-21 to Jan 2007 (not sure of the date). We'll still have to talk to our travel agent about this changes. The initial plan was Dec 18-21 for Bohol and early next year we'll go to HongKong (hindi kase kami nakapunta ng Disney the last time we went there! hehehe =P). Rain have to work on his regularization. So, by December 12 he's already a regular employee before our wedding. He's very worried kase with all the wedding preps, baka hindi daw siya payagan mag-leave if ever, since he's just a new employee. Good thing during the job offer, he already mention that he's getting married on December, so if it is possible na it'll come a time na he has to make an absence like for marriage seminars etc. His boss said, it's understandable. He'll just make a consideration. Buti nalang at mabait!
Rain & I had been working together. We almost have the same routine, both working on a graveyard shift for 6 years. Now, though we still have the same work schedule with the different company, I felt ok naman. He lives in San Juan -- works at Makati and I live at Makati -- works in Mandaluyong. Opposite direction. His work schedule starts from 10pm to 6:30am while mine starts from 9pm to 6am. Though it would not be different totally, because he'll still go to our house after his shift. So, we still have to see each other pa naman. We also have weekends to spend our time together. I'm hoping that everything will turn out fine with these changes happening to us! =p
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