Friday, June 09, 2006
Six Short Simple Words
Six short and simple words.

They are the "strangest secret."

There are more than six hundred thousand words in the English language.And yet just six words...six short and simple words explain:

* how one person with identical skills can earn hundreds of thousands and even millions more than another
* how some people shoot to the top of the company while others are fired
* why some people live happy productive lives while people of identical upbringings and education stumble from failure to failure
* why some seem to achieve goals almost effortlessly while most can't seem to get on track
* why some marriages flourish while others end early
In 1956 Earl Nightingale shared these six words with the world in arecording he called The Strangest Secret, and the world has never beenthe same. His recording has sold over a millions albums and became the first (andonly) spoken word message to win a Gold Record. It transformed lives andvirtually created a new industry --- the modern day personaldevelopment/self help industry.
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