Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Housing Loan
Last Saturday after our shift Rain & I together with my mom went to Pag-ibig to attend the seminar for Housing Loan. Yes! This will be a biggest decision for us. Since the lot is under my name (w/c my sister & I inherited from our grandparents), ako lang mag-apply. I'm just hoping that they'll grant us the maximum limit for the loan. I already contacted my highschool barkada which is an Architect to draw the perspective plan we want for the house. We wanted like a duplex. One for me and one for my sister. My mom suggested na "baket pa kami titingin ng condo, e meron naman kayong house?" pertaining to the house I inherited (our present house). Nakakahinayang lang because last 2004 my mom renovated the house and costs her a lot of money. And of course, we'll give up our tenants downstairs who's with us for almost 7 years na as well as our additional income where my mom gets the money to pay the utilities. Pero come to think of it, at least hindi na din kami mangangamba since the house is made of wood, nakakatakot sa mga sunog. Old house kase e. Sana lang matapos nya agad so we can already pass the requirements for the loan. It'll take 2 to 4 weeks for the loan to be approved. Now since Rain & I have new goals, hahaha save muna. Cancelled ang mga out-of-the-country trips for the coming years. =p
After the seminar, we went to Glorietta to have lunch. After lunch, we decided to watch I am Legend. The movie was great. Parang "Land of the Dead". It was a suspense thriller movie for me. Halos I close my eyes during the movie, pero nde naman entire hehehe! My mom was even shouting, na halos siya lang ang sumigaw promise! hahaha! =p Kulang nalang ma-nervous breakdown siya sa gulat. Rain loves the movie. Though nag-expect kase siya na nde maganda from his officemates. =p

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