Sunday, September 17, 2006
3 more months...
It's our 41st Monthsary and ....

It's exactly

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Whoa! I really can't believe that few more months it's already our D-Day! Soon I'll be Mrs. Rainier P. Marcos. Yey! =p
We didn't have any special celebration today for our monthsary. We decided nalang to make it on Sunday, Sept 17. I have a lot of things to do kase. After my friday shift, I go straight to San Juan (Rain's place). We have to pass kase the 1st batch of church requirements at SSA. But the sad part is, nakalimutan ko! Damn! Kainis... I'm suppose to put that inside the car before going to work, but sa pagmamadali ko and I'm a bit running late, ayan nakalimutan ko! =( So, by Monday nalang!
After the breakfast, my future-MIL showed me the packaging (pouch) we're going to use for my rosary souvenirs. It's half done na! Galing. May DIY din ang MIL ko! O diba? Very supportive! Before kase I'm having a hard time where to get a supplier for the pouch. Actually, it's just a small pouch (I don't know the name of the tela e..hahaha!), dami ko ngang nakita sa 168 Mall and Greenhills but I don't like the quality. Parang pabara-bara lang ang gawa! So, when I told my MIL if she knew someone who can do it (we'll just provide the fabric and the ribbons) she just volunteered to do it for us. Marunong pala siyang manahi. Yey! =p Madali lang daw un. She made 50% already! I'll just help her na isuksok ang ribbon sa butas at sa beads (basta un na un!). I'll post the pics soon. Galing tlaga! *Clap*
Then, we went straight home and need to sleep pa because we have our team-building at Music21. I was not the type of person who loves videoke. Kase sintunado ako! hahaha =) I love music, but the music don't love me! However, I really enjoyed our gimik. Though some of our officemates wasn't able to attend. Sayang! Rain, just fetched me and drive me home, kase lam nyang baka uminom ako at hindi ako makapag-drive (over-protective, though 1bottle lang ng SanMig Light lang naman). Kaya napuyat tuloy kaka-intay sa akin. Wawa! =p Ayaw naman sumama hehehe!
Now, I'm not yet sleepy kaya I decided to post this asap and download some pics also.
Tomorrow's itinerary: Will go to Zandra for my mom's and sister's fitting. Both of them are so excited of the outcome (OA 1st fitting palang hahaha!).
Have to go to bed na! What a day! =p

mx energy team @ music21 (Timog, QC)

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