Saturday, September 16, 2006
Our Priest!
Finally, we’ve completed the first batch of documents we need to submit to SSA tomorrow.

1. Baptismal Certificates
2. Confirmation Certificates
3. Pre-Cana Seminar Certificate (San Agustin Church)

Next in line:

4. List of Principal Sponsors (5 pairs; their respective addresses)
5. Marriage Banns
6. Canonical Interview (scheduled on October)
7. Name of the Priest – Since we’re not a parishioner, we’re required to bring our own priest, which was our problem before. Until one of our Ninong is a Lay Minister at National Shrine of the Sacred Heart (NSSH), where we hear mass every Sunday also. Meron kaseng priest don na we really enjoy his sermon, in short hindi boring unlike with the other priests (aminin?). So, when we ask Tito Pat for Monsignor Antero Sarmiento’s number, siya na daw ang bahala makipag-usap. Hay Salamat! Buti nalang. And just like yesterday, he confirmed that he will be our priest na. At Last! =p Our problem is solved! Tito Pat also said that we don’t have to worry about the stipend and his ride on the way on the church. What a relief!

So, this Sunday, we’ll give Monsignor the draft missalette we have for approval.

Tomorrow, it’s exactly 3 more months to go! Panic mode…
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  • At 3:44 PM, Blogger Heidi

    hi there! just bloghopping here... Good luck sa wedding preps mo! link you up ha?

  • At 7:32 PM, Blogger QT

    hi kaye! dami mo na accomplishments habang ako'y nagpapatumpik tumpik! hahaha! tamad in short! ganito ba? nagpapanic ako pero tamad gumalaw? have a lovely weekend!